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T-Shirts And charity

How's everyone doing out there in lockdown? We are going a bit crazy here! To try and avoid spiralling into a non-creative pit of despair, I have created these t-shirts, In the hopes of raising some money for charity!

Firstly, there is my “Stay the F at Home” t-shirt, (slightly rude, but to the point I feel!) 100% of the profits from this shirt will be donated to the NHS Charities Together. You can grab yourself one in our shop for £15!

Second up is my “Put on your War Paint.” 20% of the profits will be donated to Women’s Aid. During lockdown some have enjoyed the time at home to relax, others aren't so lucky. Domestic violence has spiked and Women's Aid help to protect women and children, who desperately need support due to domestic abuse. These are also £15 and can be found in the Shop!

I’m hoping to raise at least £100 for each charity by the end of lockdown, so please pop one in your basket, you get something fun to wear, while supporting amazing causes!

Maddie x

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