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International Women's Day!

Here at The Scribble Shed, everyday is International Women's Day! With a strong female client base we are all about empowering women with their body art!

This international women's day I drew up some flash of some famous inspirational women, as well as some little designs for all the kick ass ladies out there!

But although there are many great, brilliant and infamous women out there, we must remember that we are all inspirational in our own way! Some days I don't feel strong or impressive, some days I struggle to see my own worth and feel insignificant. Just because I feel that way some days, doesn't mean I'm not inspirational in my own way.

So for all the ladies out there, that don't feel amazing or beautiful or empowered, remember that you are! Even if you haven't managed to wash your hair in days, or are constantly tired and feel like it's you against the world, you are important, and you are inspirational to someone! We don't all have to be authors, explorers or political activists to be powerful, sometimes just being you is enough!

Peace out my awesome ladies! x

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